Welcome Message – About Us

Welcome to Lens50. We offer a custom print service from your favourite image file, a broad range of photography services, and website design.

Lens50 aims to bridge a service gap and offer a one-stop-shop for your business or personal digital expression:  Photography ⇒ Print ⇒ Web or any combination thereof, or each as a stand alone service.

If you have an image that you’d like us to print, shoot, size for the web – or digitally alter in any way –  then by all means check out the file submission service or contact Lens50 to discuss your project.

We also write a blog. Sign up on our site – at the bottom of most pages – and you’ll get a notification when a new photography article is posted. It has lots of great tips.

Fire a message to us if you have a project that you’d like to chat about.

Thank you for visiting Lens50.


It’s a great day for photography. Shoot ’til it feels good!

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