A photograph of an old wooden boat, turned bottom-up in a field, with its paint scaled.


Custom, Hand Crafted Prints

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  • Lens50 uses two types of substrate for prints: Paper and Canvas
  • Both are archival quality grade to last for generations

To Help You Choose...

Traditional Paper

Paper has been around for centuries. To say that paper stands the test of time is an understatement. Traditionally, paper prints are matted and framed and protected behind glass, avoiding damage and environmental degradation. It will be cherished for generations.An image of a ship arriving into port during sunrise


Canvas printing is relatively new to the photography world and has become quite popular in recent years. For centuries it’s been the medium of choice for painters. Canvas has a bold, museum look without glass in front. This eliminates glare and reflections common with glass framed prints. Canvas prints are wrapped around rigid stretcher bars, ready to hang on your wall. For a more contemporary look, put a frame around it. Extra protection may be added with an application of special varnish.An image of 4 people sitting on a bench in front of an old building.

Whether a canvas or framed print, present your photo under color corrected spot or track lighting, or ample, natural room light.  Your photograph is a heirloom piece to be appreciated through generations!
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